Client Reviews

Jacob Alexandria
Eating our Signature Banana Split

"Very refreshing and much better than ice cream I think ! If you are having a sweet tooth and don't want something too overly sweet, here's your place. It's delicious. Fast service and great tasting ice cream."

wanda smith
popular organic fruit smoothies

"Love their smoothies, have a lot of flavors to choose from. They mix several different items together. If you're a smoothie lover this is definitely the place for you, and if you're not a smoothie lover become'll love it. We Will definitely come back!"

jeff floter
dedicated customers at our annual cake eating contest

"Pink Cloud makes good strawberry cakes with just the right texture. Great service, amazing cake and overall solid company"

greg zuber
our new employee trying our cup cakes for the first time

"The place is so beautiful. The cup cakes are fresh and soft. Best job yet! "