Typeface Consideration


Jose fin Slab is a interesting type face. I think it is an awesome because It reminds me of the old style font from when computers first came out.  It has a typewriter feel to it. Jose fin Slab favors the letters in the eye chart at a doctors office.  The style is very unique it uses a lot of lines and  circular motions. This type face will look nice on a simple casual website with little text. Such as on a photographer or cinematographer website as the header and titles.

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I am interested in web design because I want to gain some knowledge in coding. I also want to learn web design because it is always a good skill to have when you are in the media field.

Favorite Websites


codepen is a really awesome website to practice different types of codes. i can learn so much on this website.  HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  You can also see other peoples designs and learn from them. It motivates me.


This is a really inspirational website to me, it is made by an independent designer. He uses unique illustrations and designs to create this awesome website.  inspired.

Image from Favorite website


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