Why Johnny Cant Program

Why Johnny Cant Program by  Douglas Rushkoff is very informative to me. Because of this essay, I look at programs and users in a different manner.   He points how users manage programs without having any knowledge of the real purpose the software. Before studying New Media Tech I was just like the kids, I would get on multiple websites and use multiple programs without giving one thought of how it was programed. There for, I totally agree with Douglas Rushkoff when he states, “Amazingly, America – the birthplace of the Internet – is the only developed nation that does not teach programming in its public schools.”

It was until I became familiar and aware with programing I was able to understand the making of programs.What I found to be disturbing is that American schools do not teach programming. America is the center of the Internet and students should not have to wait until college to learn programming .Technology is becoming extremely popular, more and more people are using it but do not recognizing how the programs really work .



Menu Hierarchy

This website will be used to present  my skills as a web/graphic designer and  cinematographer . I want to show the multimedia works i have done throughout this semester.

My website will have these categories:

Homework: All the homework done for the HUW 161 class will be posted under this category.

Classwork: A compilation of the HUW161 classwork that is completed throughout the semester

Designs: To show my graphic design skills, I will post a few of my designs that were illustrated in my Computer Art class.

Video: To present my cinematography skills i will post a few videos that  have filmed and edited by me.

About me: Will show a little background information about myself.

submenu- Contact:  A way for my viewers to connect with me.